Inception offers process engineering services as well as a minerals advisory service. Please follow the links below to see specific details on each of Inception’s offerings.

Minerals Advisory Services

Inception Advisory provides select professional advisory services for the mining, mineral processing, water treatment and hydrometallurgical industry.

Inception’s Advisory provides information and confidence to undertake investment, merger or acquisition activities. Inception’s personnel have a sound depth of experience in all facets the minerals industry. This knowledge and expertise can be used to interrogate, assess and reconcile investment targets and provide our clients the information to make the better business decisions.

One of the key requirements in evaluating possible investment, merger or acquisition targets is a strong due diligence team capable of carrying out a quick and effective review of the assets. Inception’s team has the experience, tools and resources available to make this process seamless and drive a positive outcome.

Inception provides management and corporate advice to enhance our customer’s value proposition, including:

  • Asset strategic reviews
  • Development and project delivery scenarios
  • Prospectus development – independent experts
  • Due Diligence for acquisitions, investments and mergers
  • Risk analysis and risk mitigation strategies
  • Sensitivity and scenario analysis
  • Independent hydro-geologist’s report
  • Independent valuation report
  • Validation of asset realisation plan
  • Current market trends and best practices with global case studies
  • Management advice